From left to right:

  • Ineke PD2CWM
  • Chantal PA5YL
  • MariĆ«tte PA1ENG
  • Lisa PA2LS
  • Monique PD3MKT / DO3MKT
  • Claudia PA5CT

This is the team that participated in the Russian DX contest 2014. This contest was named ‘the battle of the sexes’: our YL-team ‘against’ the OM-team of PI4TUE (QTH of the battle: PI4TUE).

In the meantime Anneke PB8YL, Suzan PD3SZN, Heather PD3GVQ , Sonja PD4SON, Ramona PD9YL and Dieuwertje PD4JUF / DO4JUF joined the contestteam.

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