CQ ham radio… mail from Japan!

Almost one year ago we turned the month of March into ‘our month’, as we launched our Dutch YL-award. We made a lot of long distance radiocontacts with radioamateurs al across the globe. This year we will celebrate International Women’s Day, by organising “Ladies Night at PI4AA”. Also PI4YLC will be active in the Russian DX contest.

Through their radiocontacts radioamateurs make friends far off . Sometimes these contacts lead to something special. Today, a big enveloppe arrived, covered in strange signs and exotic stamps. Inside, a Japanes magazine for radioamateurs: the ‘CQ Ham radio’ accomanied by a 50MHz special. Somewhere in the middle of the magazine one finds an article about the Dutch YL-award. In Japanese, of course.

Yukiko Maki 7K4TKB is a freelance writer for ‘CQ ham radio’. She contacted us some weeks ago about the Dutch YL-award 2018. She asked if she could write an article about our activities. Yes, of course! We’re not exactly sure what she wrote, but we are Proud 2B PI4YLC! in a Japanese radiomagazine…

PI4YLC in RDXC with nine YL operators!

This weekend the Dutch Young Ladies Club contestteam is joining the Russian DX contest (RDXC) for the sixth time. Since a YL-operator team participated at the SP-DX contest in 2012, the team has grown every year and now consists of eleven Young Ladies. The YLs live everywhere in the country (and just across the border in Germany), it is a challange to have everyone present at the same time. That is why it is extra special to have PI4YLC participate in the contest with nine (!) YL-operators. Raymond PA5DX helped us with the setup, Wijnand PD8DX took this picture of the whole group.

From left to right: Raymond PA5DX, Claudia PA5CT, Monique PD3MKT, Ramona PD9YL, Heather PD3GVQ, Sonja PD4SON, Lisa PA2LS, and Mariëtte PA1ENG. Front: Suzan PD3SZN and Ineke PD2CWM.


Proud 2B PI4YLC! This weekend in RDXC 2018

RDXC2017This month of March is a radioactive one for the contestteam of the Dutch Young Ladies Club. From the first of March we have been on the air promoting the Dutch YL-award. Information can be found at www.pi4ylc.n/award. We’re about halfway the YL-month, having worked almost 500 different radioamateurs.

The contestteam will be participating in the Russian DX Contest (RDXC). This is a 24-hour contest, with the aim to work as many Russian oblasts (provinces) possible in CW and/or SSB (more information: www.rdxc.org). This year is the sixth time we will be attending! In 2013 and 2014 we were guestoperators at PI4TUE in Eindhoven. That second year we even had a “Battle of the Sexes” against the OM’s of PI4TUE. In 2015 and 2016 we had a fieldday contestsetup in Ell (Limburg). And last year we were hosted by Hans PA0Q (back then: PA1HR). Thanks to all for their hospitality!

The PI4YLC team will consist of eight (!) YL-operators, entering the contest at the home QTH of Ramona PD9YL and Raymond PA5DX in Rectum (Wierden). We are glad to gradually see more and more Young Ladies forming an operatorteam. As a group we hope to make a lot of nice contacts this weekend!

Cu in RDXC 2018!

Van PA1HR-aangepast

Dutch YL-award 2018: the details

Between the 1st and 31st March nine YLs of the PI4YLC contestteam will activate their calls. A download of the Dutch YL-award 2018 will become available at www.pi4ylc.nl/award when a QSO is made with three or more of the participating YLs. On this site you can also find an overview of the calls worked by the YLs.

YLs participating: Mariëtte PA1ENG, Lisa PA2LS, Claudia PA5CT, Anneke PB8YL, Ineke PD2CWM, Heather PD3GVQ, Suzan PD3SZN, Sonja PD4SON and Ramona PD9YL.

Below you can find an example of the award. In case of any questions an email can be send to award@pi4ylc.nl


March 2018 will be our month… with an YL-award!

womens-dayThursday 8th of March is International Women’s day, many countries in the world celebrate the achievement of women in society. YLs in countries around us therefore organize contests and special awards. As on March 17th and 18th we will participate in the Russian DX contest we decided to call this March to be our month. We did some silent preparations and can finally tell that after more than twenty years the Dutch Young Ladies Club will have an YL-award again!

Between the 1st and 31st March nine (!) YLs of the PI4YLC contestteam will activate their calls. When a QSO is made with (a minimum) of three of these YLs a special YL-award has been earned. It will be downloadable from our website. Unfortunately the call PI4YLC itself cannot count for the award because of partcipation in the Russian DX contest.

YLs participating:

  • Mariëtte PA1ENG
  • Lisa PA2LS
  • Claudia PA5CT
  • Anneke PB8YL
  • Ineke PD2CWM
  • Heather PD3GVQ
  • Suzan PD3SZN
  • Sonja PD4SON
  • Ramona PD9YL

More information on what the YL-award will look like and where it will be downloadable will follow in near future. We hope for many nice QSOs with radioamateurs all over the world!

Young Ladies at Ham Radio Convention

Today the annual Ham Radio Convention was held in Apeldoorn, it is the event for everyone who likes to experiment with (amateur)radio. Besides lectures and a componentsmarket there where exhibition stands to present several organisations and VERON commissions. For the first time PI4YLC joined the Traffic Bureau exhibition stand. This commission promotes radioamateur activities on HF and the Dutch Young Ladies Club is part of it.

A YL-meet was organised to give Young Ladies the opportunity to meet us. We are proud that so many women found us today and that Sjoerd PA0SHY, chairman of the Traffic Bureau, is standing behind us. This picture is the result…

From left to right: Bertina PA2BTA, Claudia PA5CT, Lisa PA2LS, Mariëtte PA1ENG, Barbara PB2Z, Karin PA1KBN, Sonja PD4SON, Suzan PD3SZN, Magda NL13543 and Heather PD3GVQ.


Proud 2B PI4YLC at HAM radio 2016!

D4C-kleinHAM Radio 2016 is over and we look back on a fantastic weekend filled with meeting old and new contacts. There were very good foodcondx with cake, homemade cappuccino, ice cream and dinners in restaurants. This combined with the warm weather and the Bodensee (lake next to Friedrichshafen) turned the long weekend into a small holiday.

In addition to meeting various YLs (see previous post: ‘Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLS at HAM radio 2016’) we have met international contest groups such as D4C at the fair and IR4M at the Bavarian Contest Dinner. This might give us the oppurtunity in future for contest ‘DXpeditions’ to contest stations abroad.

Besides the PI4YLC team members there were other contest team members of the Netherlands as well at the fair: PA6Y from IJmuiden (see: www.pi4rck.net) and of course PI4TUE (sk) from Eindhoven who had traveled along with YLs of the Dutch Young Ladies club.

PA5YL-kleinAfter a lot of years not visiting the HAM radio fair Chantal PA5YL ‘met herself’ at the booth of the radio scouts. In this booth there was a poster with a picture of her.

We very much enjoyed the several useful contacts and ideas for (contest)activities and had a lot of fun (!). We thank everyone who has contributed to our very positive experience.

We managed to take a picture in front of the HAM radio 2016 QSL wall with the YLs of PI4YLC and our future team member. From left to right: Claudia PD5AX Chantal PA5YL, Lisa PA2LS, Mariëtte PA1ENG, Ineke and PD2CWM Suzan PD3SZN.


Dutch Young Ladies meeting YLs at HAM radio 2016

IMG_2439-kleinToday the biggest European fair for Hamradio started happening. Five members of PI4YLC, the contestteam of the Dutch Young Ladies Club, are in  Friedrichshafen-Germany visiting the fair: Mariëtte PA1ENG, Lisa PA2LS, Chantal PA5YL, Ineke PD2CWM and Claudia PD5AX. It’s a great opportunity to meet Hams from all over Europe.

We talked to several YL’s from the DARC-YL-referat (while enjoying a YL-muffin) and some top-grade contesters like Irina DL8DYL and Sandy DL1QQ (WRTC 2018). We also visited the French YL’s and met Christine F4GDI and were able to catch up with Andreja S56B and Klara HA5BA.

Tomorrow we will attend the YL-meeting, organised by the DARC YL’s, we look forward to meet many more YL’s from all over the world.


Looking back on RDXC contest 2016

IMG_2847PI4YLC has again participated in the Russian DX contest (RDXC). This time with the YL-operators: Lisa PA2LS, Chantal PA5YL, Ineke PD2CWM and Claudia PD5AX. Like last year a fieldday setup was used in Ell (a township in Limburg, southern part of the Netherlands).

The double setup for this contest was designed by Rens PA3FGA. Two radio stations: a running station and an inband multiplier station. One operator will actively look for multipliers, while the other works contest QSO’s calling CQ.

Saturday morning the antenna park is completed with the FB-23 (10, 15 and 20m) at 20 meters. For this Rob PE1ITR brought his mobile mast which also could be used to attach the 80m deltaloop. The receiving of the antennas turned out fine, but the transmission did not work. We had problems with audio, of which the K3 voicekeyer not working. In first instance, it was decided to go from two to one transceiver. When the output stage made no power we had to continue ‘barefoot’: 100 Watts of power from the K3. Fortunately Lisa had brought an extra K3: it had the correct settings for a single transmitter station, but it did not solve the issue with SSB. It was decided to only work CW QSOs. The total number of QSOs was 255 of which 65% in CW.

Despite all the technical problems, the YLs thought it was a very successful weekend. This setup proved too complicated and gave lessons for the next Russian DX contest with a field day set-up.

We look forward to the Russian DX contest 2017!


PI4YLC in CQWW DX SSB contest

20151024_013542The last complete weekend of October is CQWW DX SSB contest, www.cqww.com. Radio stations all over the world try to make as many contacts as possible. This weekend four YL-operators will activate PI4YLC at the radioshack of Kees PE1KL:

  • Mariëtte PA1ENG
  • Lisa PA2LS
  • Suzan PD3SZN*
  • Claudia PD5AX

20151024_032417*Suzan PD3SZN is 16 years old and the youngest contestoperator of PI4YLC since 2012. Suzan’s first contestexperience was with the Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) where she met Lisa PA2LS. Proud to have her in the PI4YLC contestteam!