IMG_2847PI4YLC has again participated in the Russian DX contest (RDXC). This time with the YL-operators: Lisa PA2LS, Chantal PA5YL, Ineke PD2CWM and Claudia PD5AX. Like last year a fieldday setup was used in Ell (a township in Limburg, southern part of the Netherlands).

The double setup for this contest was designed by Rens PA3FGA. Two radio stations: a running station and an inband multiplier station. One operator will actively look for multipliers, while the other works contest QSO’s calling CQ.

Saturday morning the antenna park is completed with the FB-23 (10, 15 and 20m) at 20 meters. For this Rob PE1ITR brought his mobile mast which also could be used to attach the 80m deltaloop. The receiving of the antennas turned out fine, but the transmission did not work. We had problems with audio, of which the K3 voicekeyer not working. In first instance, it was decided to go from two to one transceiver. When the output stage made no power we had to continue ‘barefoot’: 100 Watts of power from the K3. Fortunately Lisa had brought an extra K3: it had the correct settings for a single transmitter station, but it did not solve the issue with SSB. It was decided to only work CW QSOs. The total number of QSOs was 255 of which 65% in CW.

Despite all the technical problems, the YLs thought it was a very successful weekend. This setup proved too complicated and gave lessons for the next Russian DX contest with a field day set-up.

We look forward to the Russian DX contest 2017!


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